Deepika padukone the warrior princess.
Deepika padukone the warrior princess.

I am a big fan of Deepika padukone, her acting and that sexy voice she has….wowww marvellous. The character she played in Cocktail “Veronica” is still fresh in my mind. Well i do agree with Deepika padukone  when she vented her anger on Times of India as she said “Yes i am a woman, i have a breasts and a cleavage! You got a problem?”. I must actually applaud this woman for having the guts to kick the balls of a leading newspaper,” The times of india”. This incident exposes the hypocrisy of Indian media. They talk about women empowerment and parallel to that they keep exposing their cleavages too. Its so funny isn’t it. We all are at times the same like the indian media, we talk of great things, of great manners, of great culture but at the same time in a dark room when no one is around we watch porn…isn’t it. But then its ok, we restrict the beast in ourselves to four corners of our room. 

Its very difficult to control the overflowing lust in us. Its quite difficult to avoid gaping at the voluptuous breast of a woman. Its quite difficult to stop gazing at the perfect figure of a woman, for woman is the most beautiful creation of God. So what should be done, what is the solution. We all should never forget that we are Human beings after all and one must keep his animal instincts under control. Like a dog you cannot move around with a thirsty penis ready to fuck any Bitch that comes your way. Why can’t we men channelize our thoughts in a proper way. What is the need to be cheap and vulgar all the time. I know we are a sex obsessed society but there is a thin line that should not be crossed. Why can’t we be polite and decent with the women around us. A beautiful woman should not be teased but should be complimented. We men need to be more decent, more poetic in our approach. When we stare at them, it should no make them feel uncomfortable but they should actually feel proud of themselves. Our obsessions should not become a trouble for others. Today you rape a woman, tomorrow the law will rape you. if not the law, surely karma will.

I don’t say Deepika padukone is always right and Times of India is not a good newspaper but this time Deepika wins the battle because she is morally correct. HATS OFF DEEPIKA…LOTS OF LOVE FROM IZZY…Well Times of india…hope you have learn your lesson…Don’t mess with an empowered woman.


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