Shweta basu prasad- From a national award winner to a prositute


Well  the story of shweta basu reveals the ugly face of the entertainment industry. It adds a new chapter to the already thick book filled with stories of woman exploitation in our country. Casting couch exists in bollywood and that is a bitter truth. But what was shocking is the approach of Indian media towards the whole issue. I am not here to defend her because what she did is wrong and no girl of good character would do that but I cannot be too judge mental because I am not in her shoes. I don’t know what consequences lead her to do that so would avoid speaking too much on it. So coming back to the whole topic, “ Approach of Indian media towards it”.  Ok fine….you caught a national award winner indulged in a sex racket…fine ok…you made it a national issue..thats also ok. You caught her having sex with someone. Very fine…you went ahead and exposed her…again its ok but the question is Sex involves atleast two persons and you exposed only one. Where is her partner in crime…who was he and what is his identity. You didn’t expose him. Please no gender discrimination in exposing criminals. Hats off to the indian public who actually raised their voice against this discrimination showed by The Indian media. Okay may be that Man bribed the police to hide his identity but did he bribe the media too. Why was the police not targeted to hide facts in such a high profile case.

Shweta Basu Prasad is a National Award winner. I will not believe that she landed in a mess of her own accord. I feel she was systematically pushed over the edge by people who refused to look beyond her skin.

The electronic media too is a joke. I read somewhere that they did a sting operation on her. C’mon guys, you know of many ‘big’ names doing such things. Why don’t you stand up to someone your size? Not only your TRPs, but even respect for you will go up a hundred fold. Common if you have the balls,” KARKE BATAO”…. Expose all the biggies involved in this racket and we the public would give you a standing ovation. Well Truth is stranger than fiction….what looks beautiful at times from outside is very ugly within. Just like Graveyards that look beautiful from outside but contain ugly dead bodies beneath them. Same is the case of our entertainment industry….


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