L. Sarita Devi



Just imagine, you had been working hard for an exam for months, Spending your days and nights studying the subject, making notes on it and understanding its complex topics for hours. You are poor but still you managed to buy your books with the little money you had. Passing the exam with top marks was your dream. You were right on path, you sacrificed all those activities that gave you pleasure like watching t.v, talking to your friends just for the sake to reach your goal. You give your exam and you are confident that no one can stop you from reaching the top position. You eagerly wait for the results. Once the results are announced….Ghosh……all your expectations fall flat on the ground. The results are declared and it says you have failed in your exam. What would go through your mind. Of course you will burst into tears and no one could console you because you know how much pain you had gone through to prepare for this exams. Deep in your mind, you know the one who checked your answer sheet has done a blunder while checking your answer sheet but rules say that you cannot apply for a recheck. The results once declared are final. You had lost a battle you could clearly win but just because someone judged you unfairly, you lost. How cruel is that. Same thing Happened with Sarita devi, our very own Indian boxer who lost to a Korean boxer Jina park because of unfair judgement. People who are complaining that she showed lack of sportsmanship….get a life you morons…..what if such a thing had happened to you. Damn she worked hard and this is what she got. The day you will be unfairly judged that day you won’t cry over saying that Sarita devi didn’t show up true sportsmanship. True sportsmanship my ass…..what for she should show true sportsmanship..for the injustice meted to her.


 I am completely with Sarita. She is indeed is one of the bravest of our country we have seen. What she did today was absolutely most necessary. Call it whatever you like, but I think she proved that she is a true sportsman and that is why she had the guts to refuse the bronze. Her passion for the sport of boxing is unparalleled. When she clearly deserved the silver, there was not a single soul by her side to help her put her appeal. I feel sorry, that Sarita had to borrow money from a journalist to make her appeal. Ashamed at my country’s sports ministry and officials for being so callous and so least bothered. What is the role they play? In india most of the sports men and women are given absolutely ridiculous level of facilities and motivation for training, and yet we have such excellent talent pretty much preparing for international games all on their own. Instead of putting a ban on a deserving player, and insulting her further, I appeal to our Govt. to come forward for once and show support and love for these heroes who bring you these medals without any much recognition and celebration back home. Please please stand up by her side……Sports in our country is in a real pathetic condition and if we discourage players like sarita devi. You are actually making the condition more worse. You first rob her of a medal and then you plan to ban her…..Height of Injustice done to this great lady……..COME ON INDIANS…SPEAK OUT AGAINST THIS INJUSTICE DONE TO HER……


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