Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the LORD, she shall be praised


Well external beauty is what attracts us towards a person, how someone looks, how someone speaks, how someone is dressed is what is noticed first and I find nothing wrong in it.  We are mere human beings and I don’t think we can judge someone’s inner self  in the first meet itself.  External features is what we observe first and that is what attracts you towards a person but its their inner beauty that acts as the deciding factor whether they should stay in our lives or not. In life first impression is not always the last impression, you have to prove yourself each and every time life puts a hurdle before you. We focuss on external assets because we are human beings and we have  a tendency to do it. We are not born as a Christ or as Buddha to judge the inner beauty of a person. Deepika padukone flaunts her cleavage even Mallika sherawat does that infact she has exposed more than what deepika has but then deepika has larger no. of fan following than mallika sherawat…….why because Deepika is a good actress as well. Its because of her acting she is one of the top actresses today not because she flaunts her cleavage but because she acts well and has done some great movies. At the end of the day its your work that speaks…your karma…..People may get impressed by your looks but then talent is what is needed in the long run. People judge by external looks…true….but just for a short period of time but as you get deeper into something, external factors rarely matter. 

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that 

fears the LORD, she shall be praised.( Proverbs 31:30)

Suppose i am standing in a bar and i see a gorgeous woman standing near me,she has a great figure with great curves and on top of that she is wearing sexy tiny shorts that are exposing her great thighs, i get a tingling sensation seeing her, i decide to have a chat, i offer her a drink and we talk. As we get drunk, i take her to my appartment and we have sex. A one night stand. Till here her external beauty wins but what after that. After sex its the conversation that would matter. Once the sexual part is over, its all about how compatible you are with each other and that’s where those inner qualities come into play, that’s where you realize the worth of a beautiful heart. If for you life is just about sex and external beauty, life would be surely ugly for you.


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