During one of those late night conversations, i asked someone what actually is THE HOLY TRINITY. The Bible says God is one but then why do we say after every prayer “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of The Holy spirit…Amen”. When God is one, what is the logic behind it. What is the role of three persons in the Holy Trinity. I knew i had asked a complex question, to understand the Holy Trinity was like emptying the whole ocean in a pothole.

That someone whom i had asked the question replied,” Suppose the Holy Trinity is a Vine Tree, The Root of the Vine Tree is the Father, The Trunk and the branches is Jesus Christ and Fruits on the Vine tree is the Holy spirit. Even though The Root is different, Trunk is different, fruit is different But together they form one Vine tree. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit are one and form One God”.


I had got my answer……hope you too would have….Amen….


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