I woke up with a heavy head and the burden on it was too heavy. The burden of failure, the burden of being a loser, My head was spinning with pain and anxiety. Yesterday my much awaited results were announced and I again was declared fail, last time it was by a margin 0f 8 marks, this time I failed by a margin of 2 marks. So close yet so far. I could hear the sound of taunts and abuses from all sides, I could hear the echo of people insulting me and making a mockery of mine. I was humbled yet again, infact my self respect was beaten to death.  I had no one to talk to and I felt lonely, lonely like never before. Parents were gloomy and there faith in God was shaken to core, sister had gone to her  school. No one to talk to, I picked up my phone and then realized, last night I had broke-up with her., ending all ties. The feeling was terrible but then I woke up and opened the door and the beautiful morning came in.

As I went out and took some breathes, I could realize that the morning air was so blissful, so full of life. I sat on a chair lying in my garden and took some breathes of peace. I was getting calmer inside and then I heard a melodious sound- the chirping of birds. As I moved my eyes around, I could see birds flying around, sitting on trees, some birds were so light that they could sit on the petals of those wild flowers growing in my garden. I looked at them with joy and my lips gave a faint smile. The moment was wonderful.

I then looked up, on to the sky-  and there was emptiness, just emptiness. Just a vast sky.  Just a vast sky where anyone could fly, and the sky has no conditions. Conditions like only swans are allowed, parrots and crows are not allowed to fly. The sky is available to everyone, a swan or a crow. A beautiful bird or an ugly bird, the sky puts no conditions. Anyone can fly, he just needs to grow wings.

Perhaps it was a beautiful morning, why didn’t i notice it before….A morning that filled me with hope…things would be better because nature told me so….the air was still fresh…how could my life become stale…



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