maundythursdayphilippines              maundy-thursday

This day reminds me to be thankful n thoughtful…

for the Good God chose U and me… created “us” in His Image… gave us an unique identity… Blessed “us” to be called as His Children… placed “us” well under His Mighty shade.

During this journey… He gave umpteen occasions to be loved… to be served… to be cared for… forgiving “us”at length… letting us feel the abundance of His endless amazing love.

At times letting to be tested by satan – the evildoer … sending in sufferings and pain… giving “us” experiences where He just silently watches over that nothing comes to “us” more than “we” can ever handle. Just with the expectation that “we” would stay faithful and humble in all our endeavours and failures.

He loved “us” to the extend that He send His Only Begotten Son for the salvation of mankind.

Jesus led His life showing us the ways which pleases Our Father above.

Let us also humble ourselves … pleasing Our Creator… confronting every experience may it be good or bad… clinging a little more to the Cross which taught “us” the greatest lesson of forgiveness… with a grateful heart spelling every moment “Thankyou God”.

Pesha Day wishes to all. Come let’s share… bear and be thankful every moment for our life.


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