Jesus, Dad&Son and Wedding at Cana

Of all the experiences of night vigil that happened on the night of good friday, I remember a reflection. The reflection was about the wedding at cana. It was at cana that Jesus performed his first miracle.
 A child was very happy as he had given his final exams and now for a few days, it would be all fun and play in his life. He was preparing to go out and play cricket with his friends.  As he searched his cricket bat all around his house, his dad observed the enthusiasm of his child. The sense of freedom and unending energy was quite visible on his face. His dad asked him, so son, finally exams over. The child replied, o yes dad, they are. How did they all go, did you do well, asked the dad again. The child answered, yes dad, they went well, I am going to get good marks this time. Dad answered, I will pray for you son. Son replied, what dad, what’s the use praying now, exams are over. You should have prayed during my exams, now praying is useless. Saying this the child ran out with his bat to play with his friends. His dad kept thinking, his son had raised a valid point, what’s the use praying now, he has already given his exams. Nothing can be done now, he thought.
At the wedding of cana, when wine ran out, Mother Mary asks Jesus to intervene. Jesus asks the servants to fill water in six stone jars, each stone jar could hold twenty to thirty gallons of water. The servants obeyed and filled all the six jars to brim with water. Jesus asks them, to draw some water from the jar and take it to the headwaiter. The headwaiter tastes it, the water which has turned into wine. He calls the groom and says, everyone serves the good wine first and then the second rate wine, you kept the good wine until now. This was the first miraculous sign that Jesus did and revealed his glory to his disciples.
Now let’s come back to the contemporary times, the son and the dad, if you read the second chapter of gospel of St John carefully, Jesus asks the servants to fill six stone jars having a storage capacity of twenty to thirty gallons with water. Now try filling a drum which has a capacity of fifty litres manually. Quite a tiresome task right, the servants filled six gallons. How much hard work they all must have put in to fill those jars, once the jars were filled Jesus turned water into wine. If only servants had refused to fill the jar, the miracle wouldn’t have taken place in the first place. The servants obeyed Jesus and did their part, rest they left it on Jesus. Jesus blesses their efforts and converts water into wine.
father and son
In the present times, the son has done the hard work, he has filled the jars with water, he has filled the answer sheet with answers, now nothing can be done. Like Mother Mary intervened, His Father should intervene and pray to Jesus. So that his son’s efforts bear fruit and he too enjoys the wine of everlasting life.
Work hard and wait for miracles to happen in your life.
Issac Thomas

One thought on “Jesus, Dad&Son and Wedding at Cana

  1. Send me more that I can come more closers to JESUS and understand him. That what he wants from his children. Help me out in this


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